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Saturday June 3, 2017 (continued)
Incorporating Limited License Legal Room 200 Technicians into the Delivery of Civil Legal Aid Offered at 4:30-5:00 only
Participants in this session will learn about current and potential future practice areas for Washington’s Limited License Legal Technicians, learn how they have been incorporated into the delivery of civil legal aid to date, and brainstorm ways to use this new legal professional to help close the justice gap for low and moderate income families.
• Priscilla Selden, Limited License Legal Technician, Columbia Valley Legal Technician Services • Christa Lenssen, Program Coordinator, Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services
Empowering Communities and
Increasing Awareness with Legal Check-up Forms Offered at 5:15-5:45 only
One of the key  ndings of the 2015 Civil Legal Needs Study Update is that many low-income people are not aware that the problems they face have a legal dimension. Participants in this session will learn about Legal Health Check-up Forms as a tool for increasing legal awareness for low and moderate income communities, as well as the public in general. Participants will provide input on the tool under development by the Washington State Practice of Law Board and discuss how the tool can be effectively implemented in our state.
• Gary Swearingen, Corporate Counsel, Costco Wholesale and Practice of Law Board Member
• Dominiqué Jinhong, Industrial Appeals Judge, Washington State Board of Industrial Appeals and Practice of Law
Board Member
Creating a Persuasive Message Offered at 4:30-5:00 & 5:15-5:45 Room 500
Voices for Civil Justice is a national communications initiative that taps the awareness-raising power of the media to spotlight the critical role of civil legal aid in assuring fairness for all in the justice system. In this session you’ll learn a simple and effective strategy for creating strong messages that not only shine through in any communication effort you are creating and media coverage you earn, but also inspire your audience to action. You will learn how to craft powerful messages using the Value, Problem, Solution, Action (VPSA) model pioneered by the Opportunity Agenda.
• Søren Rasmussen, Communications Associate, Voices for Civil Justice
Systemic Advocacy on a Shoestring: Room 300 WA Appleseed’s Reentry Guide a Case Study Offered at 4:30-5:00 & 5:15-5:45
Tackling complicated issues with limited staff, small budget, and using almost all volunteers? Interested in learning about a new tool to reference in your practice and offer to justice-involved clients? Let WA Appleseed introduce you to the WA Reentry Guide (WRG)—a comprehensive self-help publication to help justice-involved individuals navigate the barriers to successful reentry post-prison. Completing the guide required coordinating a small army of pro bono attorneys, community partners, and subject matter experts. WA Appleseed will introduce participants to their unique model of leveraging pro bono support to do systemic advocacy using the reentry guide as a case study.
• Angeline Thomas, Executive Director, WA Appleseed
Beyond the Basics of Implicit Bias Offered at 4:30-5:00 & 5:15-5:45 Room 400
As one of two companion sessions to the Saturday morning Opening Plenary Session, this Mini Master Class will introduce concepts and frameworks that go “beyond the basics” of implicit bias to help participants deepen their understanding
of how social cognition, emotion, perception, and culture can inform our actions and behaviors. Topics will include race anxiety, stereotype threat, white fragility, microaggressions and debiasing techniques.
• Elizabeth Hendren, Staff Attorney, Northwest Justice Project
• David Morales, Staff Attorney, Northwest Justice Project
• Ada Shen-Jaffe, Co-Faculty, Shriver Center Racial Justice Training Institute, and Senior Education Consultant, JustLead
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