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Saturday June 3, 2017 (continued)
6:00 - 9:00
Tools for Building Organizational Equity Offered at 4:30-5:00 & 5:15-5:45 Room 600 As one of two companion sessions to the Saturday morning Opening Plenary Session, this Mini Master Class will walk participants through concrete tools and strategies that organizations can develop and implement in order to develop more equitable policies and practices within their teams and agencies. Facilitators will dive brie y but deeply into a roadmap for organizational self-assessment that can help institutions re ect on, evaluate, and, ultimately transform
their decision-making structures and practices, strategies for recruiting, retaining, and supporting diverse teams, and organizational culture in order to better re ect and model values around equity and justice. Participants will also be invited to discuss other organizational equity tools that arise during the course of the Opening Plenary, such as af nity groups/caucusing and racial impact statements.
• Fleur Larsen, Co-Founder, HR & Equity Consulting Firm, and Principal, Fleur Larsen Facilitation
• Keonna Jackson, Co-Founder, HR & Equity Consulting Firm, and Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Experience HR
Upping your Tech Fitness = Upping Your Client Service See below for session timing Room B Leveraging technology to better and more effectively deliver legal services to low-income clients should be a no-brainer. But, when it comes to knowing how best to use technology, that’s where we get stuck, especially when we’re busy with intake, hearings, recruiting volunteers, and giving presentations. You have a website, maybe use Twitter or YouTube, and have Legal Server for your case management system. But now what? Local “tech trainers” will be on hand to identify opportunities to take your tech  tness to the next level so you can really see results. Bring your current tech regimen and questions and you’ll come away with answers and ideas. And if the only place tech shows up in your organization is with email and Word, come to get ideas of where to begin! The tech trainers will cover the following topics:
Session #1: Reaching and Communicating with Clients and the Community Offered at 4:30-5:00 only • Client-Centered Design: Meet clients where they are looking – online and mobile platforms
• Social Media 201: Take your social media beyond posting once a month
• ATJ Principles in Real Time: Making sure you’re not letting tech become a barrier to justice
Session #2: Improving Our Internal Systems Offered at 5:15-5:45 only
• Project management: Move beyond post-it notes and email folders
• Online intake and triage: Don’t turn off the spigot, become more ef cient • Document assembly: Help pro se’s avoid the mountain of forms
• Program policies relating to lost or stolen tech with client information
• Sart (Brian Rowe), Professor and Techie, Northwest Justice Project, University of Washington, Seattle University • Destinee Evers, Practicing Management Advisor, Washington State Bar Association
• Miguel Willis, Program Director, Access to Justice Technology Fellowship Program
• Claudia Johnson, LawHelp Interactive Program Manager, Pro Bono Net
• Lillian Kaide, Seattle University Frances Perkins Fellow, Unemployment Law Project
Gather with your equity and justice community to connect and decompress at the Cowiche Canyon Kitchen and Ice House located at 202 E. Yakima Avenue. Co-sponsored by Qlaw: the LGBT Bar Association of Washington, the Latina/o Bar Association of Washington and Washington Women Lawyers. If you have not registered online, please stop by the conference registration to check availability.

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