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Saturday June 3, 2017
7:00 – 8:15 Breakfast  Ballroom C/D
8:30 – 9:00 9:00 – 10:30
Welcome Ballroom C/D
Access to Justice Board member Sal Mungia will kick off the conference by framing our conference theme, “Racing to Justice: Community Lawyering to Bend the Arc.”
Racing to Justice: Now What? Ballroom C/D
Recent events and our growing understanding of implicit bias and social cognition make the active pursuit of race equity a justice imperative. But even as we understand this imperative and have good intentions, we can  nd ourselves stymied by daunting obstacles and barriers to meaningful change.
This session will explore promising practices, pitfalls, and challenges faced by equity & justice advocates and organizations and will introduce organizational assessments and other concrete tools, concepts, and resources that may be helpful to those engaged in this dif cult but essential work. Through conversation with race equity facilitators and advocates currently engaged in organizational equity work, we hope to align and equip our community with the race equity language, vision, frameworks, and tools necessary to move ahead in solidarity. Several concepts and tools introduced in this session will be covered further in two of Saturday afternoon’s “Mini Master Classes.”
• Nick Allen, Staff Attorney, Columbia Legal Services; Fellow, Shriver Center Racial Justice Training Institute
• Merf Ehman, Executive Director, Columbia Legal Services; Fellow, Shriver Center Racial Justice Training Institute • Keonna Jackson, Co-Founder, HR & Equity Consulting Firm; Co-Founder and Partner, Experience HR
• Fleur Larsen, Co-Founder, HR & Equity Consulting Firm;Principal, Fleur Larsen Facilitation
• Ada Shen-Jaffe, Co-Faculty, Shriver Center Racial Justice Training Institute; Senior Education Consultant,
JustLead Washington
• Justice Steven González, Washington State Supreme Court
10:30 – 10:45 Justice Joint Break
10:45 – 12:15 B R E A K O U T S E S S I O N S
Using Our Current Realities to Forge Legal and Community Partnerships to Develop
Strategies Across Movements to Advance Justice System Reforms
Civil, criminal and juvenile justice system lawyers have increasingly recognized that partnering with the communities we serve is critical to effective advocacy and representation. This spotlight session will feature community members, public interest lawyers, and others who are using collaborative strategies to move forward justice system reforms. They will share their own work and ideas and discuss how we can re ne and expand this aspect of all of our work.
• Daryl Rodrigues, Former Thurston County Public Defender
• Enrique Gonzalez, Community Advocate, Public Defender Association
• Cecily Hernandez, Assistant Public Defender, Skagit County Of ce of Public Defense • Dr. Karen Johnson, Leader with Black Alliance of Thurston County
• Lori Isley, Attorney, Columbia Legal Services
• Tarra Simmons, Skadden Fellow, Public Defender Association
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