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Saturday June 3, 2017 (continued)
10:45 – 12:15 B R E A K O U T S E S S I O N S ( C O N T I N U E D )
This will be an interactive presentation on Spokane regional justice reform. This will cover reform efforts on race
and community justice and how cross platform innovative reforms can help build a healthy and strong community
by fostering the best possible outcomes for the community, including reducing recidivism and increasing system collaboration. The presentation will emphasize the importance of data and community conversations. The justice
system needs to reform how services and justice are delivered to our most impoverished, marginalized, and vulnerable populations. This will require close partnerships across all lines to promote holistic justice by removing barriers to services through the justice system. Collaboration between the legal system, community members, and local resources is crucial to ensuring individuals involved in the justice system are treated fairly and given every opportunity to succeed. Challenges to community engagement will be discussed. Spokane Regional Law & Justice Council with a grant from MacArthur Foundation’s Safety & Justice Challenge obtained data that led to the establishment of Racial Equity Disparity subcommittee. The work of the subcommittee on training on race equity issues across the criminal justice in Spokane region will be highlighted by Hon. Judge Aimee Maurer and Francis Adewale. The Council’s ongoing work on pretrial services will be explored by the criminal justice administrator, Professor Jackie vanWormer and City Prosecutor,
Justin Bingham.
• Justice Deborah Stephens, Washington State Supreme Court
• Professor Jackie van Wormer, Administrator, Spokane Regional Criminal Justice • Judge Aimee Maurer, Spokane County District Court
• Justin Bingham, City Prosecutor, City of Spokane
• Francis Adewale, Public Defender, City of Spokane
Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline Room B
In 2015, Spokane Public Schools had one of the highest rates of student suspension and expulsion in the state, and disproportionately excluded students of color and students with disabilities, including referring them for prosecution for school-based misconduct. The Every Student Counts Alliance, a group of parents, community advocates, and attorneys, banded together to break the school to prison pipeline in Spokane. In the past year, our work has in uenced signi cant changes in school district policy, training, and approach to student discipline. This workshop will present a moderated discussion of the Alliance’s work to empower families and students, build coalition, and in uence policy change. Our hope is to support others in replicating this model across the state.
• Vanessa Hernandez, Youth Policy Director, American Civil Liberties Union of WA • Dawn Sidell, Northwest Autism Center
• Krista Elliott, Public Defender, Counsel for Defense
• Nikki Lockwood, Every Student Counts Alliance
• Doreen Keller, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Whitworth University
• Brian Holloway, Director of Advocacy and Family Support, The Arc of Spokane • Dan Ophardt, Staff Attorney, TeamChild
• Sayde Davis, Student, Gonzaga University School of Law
Is Poverty a Crime? Emerging Social Justice and Legal Issues in Homeless Advocacy
Room 400
This session will examine emerging social justice and civil rights issues surrounding homelessness, focusing speci cally on how Washington jurisdictions are responding to increasing visible poverty and the growing number of individuals living unsheltered. The panel will address the increasing criminalization of those experiencing homelessness and strategic advocacy to address such laws. In particular, this work needs to be informed by those experiencing homelessness themselves, as well as supported by community partners and other organizations. The panel will discuss the importance of developing those relationships and how they drive successful strategies.
• Professor Sara Rankin, Seattle University School of Law and Homeless Rights Advocacy Project • Ann LoGerfo, Directing Attorney, Columbia Legal Services
• Aaron Scott, Organizer, Chaplains on the Harbor
Regional Justice Reform: Spokane’s Race and Equity Experience
Room 500

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